Skip Hire Vs Grab Lorry: Which Is The Better Site-Clearance Option?

Skip hire and grab lorry are two common methods for site clearance. Both have their pros and cons, and the better option depends on the specific requirements of the project.Here are some things you should know about these two common methods of site clearance to understand which is better and why.



Why do people use Skip hire for their construction projects?

Skip hire is a popular option for individuals and businesses who need to dispose of large amounts of waste. skip hire prices vary depending on the size of the skip, its location, and the type of waste being disposed of. Skips can be rented for a set period, making them ideal for projects expected to generate a lot of waste over a specific period.

When can you use Skip hire?

Skip hire is still a better option for some projects. For example, if you need to dispose of a small amount of waste, skip-hire is often more cost-effective. Additionally, skips are often more convenient for individuals who need to dispose of waste from their homes. Skips can be placed on the road or in the driveway, making it easier to load waste into them.

Why Grab Lorries are a popular choice for site clearance?

Grab lorries are large vehicles that are equipped with hydraulic arms that can lift and move large amounts of waste. Grab lorry cost is often higher compared to skip hire, but it is a more efficient method for site clearance. The hydraulic arm makes it easier to load waste into the lorry and eliminates the need to manually load waste into a skip. This makes grab lorries a better option for sites with limited space or for projects expected to generate a lot of heavy waste.

What are the advantages of hiring grab lorries?

Another advantage of grab lorries is their ability to reach places that skips can’t. For example, grab lorries can be used to clear waste from tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas. This is particularly useful for sites that are surrounded by obstacles or limited space.

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